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8821 vs 2848 Form: What You Should Know

In the last decade, personal taxpayer data has become common data as we've gone “digital.” It's becoming more and more important as the digital world brings with it new forms of identity theft and tax fraud. People are not only storing more personal information about their personal finances, but are sharing a growing number of their personal information on the internet with their peers and online dating sites. This is often where tax identity theft takes place. People that are using an online tax filing service, such as TurboT ax, may leave the tax service with their personal data and have it shared with other people. They can then apply for personal identification numbers to be issued to the IRS who may not know that the information has been provided online. A few years back, I wrote a post about the “digital tax storm” that caused the IRS to start to implement some new digital tax filing systems like TurboT ax. Now we have the second digital tax storm that has the IRS going digital themselves. One of the main problems facing many people who want to go digital is getting their tax information transferred to the IRS quickly and accurately. The TurboT ax system did not have the capability to transfer information through its electronic filing system to the IRS instantaneously. So they created the “TurboT ax Connect” system, which allows a person to have TurboT ax create an “electronic signed tax return” that can be sent to the IRS within seconds! However, this has been done before — a few years ago with e-file, and they're doing it again this year. The IRS claims that TurboT ax Connect is “completely secure,” and that it will not affect other types of returns that come through electronically. This is a problem that many individuals have faced in their experiences with TurboT ax Connect. It has been criticized for not providing a way for someone to sign the return. It has also been criticized for being slow but being reliable. This makes it difficult to go from your original TurboT ax system to TurboT ax Connect and take advantage of all the digital tax technology that's available for TurboTaxConnect. The TurboT ax Connect service is currently available only at tax time for the 2024 tax year. It will be available for 2024 as well.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 8821 vs form 2848

Instructions and Help about Form 8821 vs form 2848

Hi, I'm John McGuire, from the McGuire law firm. In this video, I would like to discuss form 2848, also known as the power of attorney for federal tax purposes. This form is essential when representing a client before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Without filing form 2848, you will not be able to obtain any information regarding a taxpayer. The IRS requires this form for disclosure purposes. They will not discuss any taxpayer's situation with you unless you have filed this form. As a representative of a client, whether an individual or a business, one of the first steps I take is to acquire this power of attorney. I then proceed to file it with the IRS. Depending on the situation, I may file it directly with the revenue officer or submit it to the cap unit. The cap unit is responsible for keeping records of all powers of attorney. Each representative has a unique cap number, which shows the taxpayers they represent. When filling out the form, you are required to provide the taxpayer's information, including their taxpayer ID, which is either an Employer Identification Number (EIN) or a social security number. Additionally, you must specify the tax periods you have authority over or are representing. For example, if I were representing an individual taxpayer, I would list their 1040 individual income tax periods. For the periods not in question, such as 2008-2010, I could state 2000 through 2014. Once this information is submitted to the IRS, I am granted access to tax transcripts and can act on behalf of the taxpayer for matters within those specified periods. If you have any questions regarding tax issues or any other tax-related matters, please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer a free consultation to all clients. Thank you very much.